About Our Practice

Albuquerque Sex Therapy was founded to address issues that frequently go undiscussed, exaggerated, or hidden under layers of misinformation and shame. Discover the drivers behind your discomfort, and acquire tools that can help. A systemic approach understands that nobody was raised in or lives in a vacuum. Sexuality and emotions develop in more significant family, culture, and community contexts. These beliefs continue to evolve in our world, influenced by media, culture, religion, and sexual partners. Taking a bird’s eye view that includes all of these systems helps us address the issues and the underlying realities that create them. In this way, we don’t just make a short-term solution, but safe and sustained wellness.

Human sexuality is intriguing and complicated, and it impacts everyone. Albuquerque Sex Therapy is fortunate to be professionally guided by The Clinical Assessment Group, keeping our practice accredited, grounded in best practices, and informed by sound science. For more information or to make an appointment, please call (505) 705 1701 or email contact@abqsextherapy.com.

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