Medical Counseling Services

Understanding that many individuals prefer to discuss sex-related issues with medical professionals, Albuquerque Sex Therapy is pleased to provide sex counseling services with two highly qualified medical professionals: Jane Epstein, NP, and Ashley Palmer, RN.

Medical counseling that focuses on sexual health is a specialized service provided by qualified medical professionals who are equipped to address a wide range of sexual health issues. These services offer a unique blend of medical expertise and therapeutic support, making them particularly valuable for individuals and couples seeking assistance with intimate and sexual concerns. Medical counselors in this field are trained to navigate sensitive topics, including sexual dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, menopause, sexual trauma, and other medical-related aspects of sexual well-being. Through a combination of medical knowledge and counseling techniques, these professionals help clients better understand, manage, and improve their sexual health, ensuring a holistic and patient-centered approach to sexual well-being. Whether it’s addressing physical symptoms, emotional concerns, or relationship dynamics, Medical Counseling Services for Sexual Health provides a comprehensive and empathetic approach to support individuals in achieving a fulfilling and healthy sexual life.

Jane Epstein, Nurse Practitioner
With 35 years of experience, Jane Epstein, NP, is a nurse practitioner certified by the Menopause Society and trained as a Sexuality Counselor. She understands that midlife women, juggling careers and raising children, can be blindsided and confused by the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Jane provides these women with a safe space to discuss their changing bodies and their sexual relationships. She explores options to address the menopausal transition, helping women navigate this significant life stage with confidence and understanding.

Ashley Palmer, Registered Nurse
Ashley Palmer is a highly trusted Registered Nurse and IIN-certified hormone health coach with over eight years of invaluable medical experience. She joins the Albuquerque Sex Therapy team, specializing in sexual health coaching for female clients. Ashley’s compassionate approach and dedication to promoting sexual well-being create a safe and judgment-free space for clients to explore intimate topics with confidence. She accepts private pay for sexual health coaching, ensuring clients receive personalized attention and care.

60-minute consultations are $150 + tax. Insurance is not currently accepted. 
To schedule a consultation, call our medical services coordinator at (505) 705 1109