Agency Leadership

Clinical Director Renée LaVail, LMFT, CST, ACS
Renée (she/her) is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist & Approved Clinical Supervisor. Working as a psychotherapist for 14 years, Renée began her professional career focusing on family therapy. In 2011, her focus shifted to include sexual health. Renée is passionate about providing a safe and supportive clinical space for the community to address and discuss all areas of sex, sexual health, and relationship diversity. Renée has been a clinical supervisor since 2011 and founded the Clinical Supervisor Academy with colleague Dr. Leandrea Romero, with the support of the Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute. Renee worked with Southwest Family for 13 years, ending her tenure as its Clinical Director in 2021 to expand her organization. She is a doctoral candidate in Behavioral Health Leadership & is the founding director of Albuquerque Sex Therapy and its guiding organization, the Clinical Assessment Group.

Program Manager Leandrea R. Romero-Lucero, Ph. D., LPCC, ACS, CSOTS
Leandrea has been a licensed psychotherapist in New Mexico since 2008 and a supervisor since 2014. Leandrea holds a Master’s in Professional Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Leandrea holds the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) credential and the Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist (CSOTS) certification. Areas of clinical focus are family therapy, adolescent counseling, youth with problem sexual behavior, and adult sex offenders.

Supervisor Katherine Spikes, LMFT
Katherine has over eight years of experience with sex-positive counseling for adults, couples, and families. She is completing her Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy, specializing in adolescent and youth sexual health. Independently licensed and certified in family trauma work, her passion is developing age and developmentally appropriate, sex-positive educational programming that includes safety, consent, body positivity, and gender identity.

Supervisor Christina Coleman, LCSW, CSOTP
Christina is a certified Sex Offender Treatment Provider with over five years of experience in detention and hospital settings. Grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy augmented with elements of  Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, she has a person-centric, motivational approach. Meeting clients wherever they are emotionally is her utmost priority. Christina feels that our society does not talk about sex and sexual health enough or objectively approach the subject. Her goals are to normalize topics of sexual health and hold a space for people to be their authentic selves without fear of shame or alienation.