Sexual Health Coaching

At Albuquerque Sex Therapy, we understand that individuals have varying needs when it comes to their sexual well-being. Our clients can access Sex Therapy, specialized Sexual Health Coaching, or a combination of services. Sexual health therapy involves clinical interventions and therapeutic techniques to address psychological and emotional aspects of sexual well-being. In contrast, sexual health coaching focuses on education, guidance, and skill-building to enhance individuals’ sexual knowledge and confidence.

Devon Palmer, BISI, CSW
Devon is a Sexual Health Coach providing personalized guidance, education, and support to individuals seeking to enhance their sexual well-being. His approachable demeanor, extensive knowledge, and non-judgmental attitude create a comfortable space for clients to discuss sensitive topics and make informed decisions. Coaching with Devon is billed in 30-minute sessions at $60 for individuals and $75 for couples. Insurance is not accepted for coaching.

Ashley Palmer, RN
Ashley is a highly trusted Registered Nurse and IIN-certified hormone health coach with over eight years of medical experience. She brings her invaluable expertise to the Albuquerque Sex Therapy team, specializing in sexual health coaching for female clients. Ashley’s compassionate approach and dedication to promoting sexual well-being create a safe space for clients to explore intimate topics with confidence. Coaching with Ashley is billed in 30-minute sessions at $60 for individuals and $75 for couples. Insurance is not accepted for coaching.

Mallory Patterson, LADAC
Mallory is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor with four years of experience in the mental health field. With a strong dedication to holistic practices, including a Level II Reiki certification, offering clients a compassionate and empowering approach to exploring their sexuality. She invites individuals to embark on self-discovery and growth in a supportive and professional setting. Coaching with Mallory is billed in 30-minute sessions at $60 for individuals and $75 for couples. Insurance is not accepted for coaching.

Jane Epstein, Nurse Practitioner
With 35 years of experience, Jane Epstein, NP, is a nurse practitioner certified by the Menopause Society and trained as a Sexuality Counselor. She works with men, women, and nonbinary individuals from young adulthood through midlife changes and beyond. Coaching with Jane is billed in 30-minute sessions at $75 for individuals and $90 for couples. Insurance is not accepted for coaching.

To request a consultation for Sexual Health Coaching, click the button below and select Devon, Ashley, Mallory, or Jane. If you do not see their name, they are not currently accepting clients.


Personal Growth and Exploration: Sexual Health Coaching offers a safe and non-judgmental environment for individuals to explore and enhance their sexual experiences, develop a deeper understanding of their desires, and expand their sexual repertoire.

Communication and Relationship Enhancement: Effective communication is essential for satisfying sexual relationships. Our Sexual Health Coaching helps individuals improve communication skills, express desires and boundaries, and foster healthy and fulfilling intimate connections.

Overcoming Challenges and Concerns: Sexual Health Coaching provides guidance, strategies, and tools to address challenges related to sexual well-being. Whether it’s overcoming performance anxiety, body image issues, or difficulties in achieving sexual satisfaction, our coaches support individuals in regaining confidence and enjoyment in their sexual lives.

Education and Information: Our Sexual Health Coaching program offers valuable educational resources on sexual anatomy, consent, pleasure, safe practices, and maintaining sexual health. Coaches provide accurate and up-to-date information, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and take charge of their sexual well-being.

Support during Transitions: Life transitions can impact sexual well-being. Sexual Health Coaching offers guidance and support during significant life changes such as entering a new relationship, experiencing parenthood, and post-divorce or breakup.

Empowerment and Self-Confidence: Sexual Health Coaching aims to empower individuals, helping them embrace their unique desires, express their needs, and build self-confidence in their sexual identities. Coaches provide a non-judgmental space to embrace authenticity and make choices aligned with personal values and preferences.

Personal Well-being and Self-Care: Sexual well-being is crucial to well-being and self-care. Sexual Health Coaching encourages individuals to prioritize their sexual well-being, promoting positive mental, emotional, and physical health impacts.


Personalized Guidance: Our experienced sexual health coaches work closely with clients to develop personalized roadmaps toward sexual well-being. Through active listening and compassionate guidance, they help clients identify their goals and provide practical strategies.

Education and Information: Our coaches are well-versed in various aspects of sexual health, including anatomy, communication, pleasure, and intimacy. They provide valuable information, resources, and educational materials to empower clients and enhance their sexual experiences.

Goal Setting and Action Planning: Clients and coaches collaboratively identify specific goals in their sexual lives. Whether it’s improving communication, exploring new experiences, addressing body image concerns, or enhancing sexual satisfaction, coaches assist in creating achievable action plans.

Supportive Accountability: Our coaches offer ongoing support and accountability, ensuring clients stay motivated and committed to their goals. They provide encouragement, guidance, and strategies to overcome obstacles that may arise during the journey.

Confidentiality and Professional Oversight: We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. All discussions and personal information shared during sexual health coaching sessions are strictly confidential. Additionally, our sexual health coaches receive regular professional oversight from certified sex therapists, ensuring the highest quality of care and expertise.

Virtual, In-Person, and Community-Based Coaching: We understand the importance of personalized support and comfort. Our sexual health coaching sessions can be conducted virtually through secure video conferencing, in person at our agency, or in community-based settings to accommodate individual preferences and needs. We strive to create a comfortable and suitable environment for every client.

Sexual Health Coaching is not a substitute for professional therapy or medical advice. If you require clinical assistance or have specific mental health concerns, we recommend consulting with a licensed therapist or healthcare professional. Our Sexual Health Coaching program is designed for individuals who desire a focused and supportive approach to their sexual well-being.