Clinical Assessments

Our assessment program specializes in clinical assessments for individuals dealing with problematic sexual behaviors. A sex-positive attitude, medical accuracy, and evidence-based methodologies characterize our approach. With a leadership team that has decades of experience in sex offender treatment and assessments, we refrain from assessing risk levels or offering subjective feedback on potential risks. Instead, our final assessment identifies protective factors and vulnerabilities with corresponding recommendations.

Problematic sexual behavior encompasses various actions, such as those leading to consent violations, illegal activities harming others, or causing significant distress in personal lives and relationships. These may include seeking risky sexual encounters, impulsive sexual activities, sharing explicit content, or engaging in unsafe online/remote relationships. Please note that except for Medicaid and select private insurance providers with pre-arranged agreements, most health insurance plans typically do not cover the cost of these types of assessments.

We offer three assessment options

Comprehensive Assessment (Medicaid Only): Designed specifically for youth who have been referred for a higher level assessment as a result of specific sexually problematic behaviors. Comprehensive assessments include multiple interviews and a collateral review. If required, these assessments can be completed within 48 hours.

Psychosexual Assessment (Typically Not Covered by Insurance): This assessment is often requested by courts and legal entities surrounding individuals accused of problematic sexual behaviors. While this is the most widely used title for any assessment related to sexual behaviors, the completion of a full Psychosexual Assessment is not always clinically indicated. This assessment includes multiple perspective interviews, collateral review, and psychometrics selected based on the age and status of the person being assessed. Psychosexual Assessments start at $1,500 + tax. Additional charges may apply for extra information or collateral after the initial interview.

Biopsychosocial-Sexual Assessment (Typically Not Covered by Insurance): This assessment can be completed for persons who do not require a full psychosexual assessment but require a clinical assessment related to problematic sexual behaviors. Biopsychosocial-Sexual Assessments include an assessment interview, additional perspective interviews (if available), collateral review, and completion of the final assessment document with recommendations.  Biopsychosocial-Sexual Assessments start at $750 + tax. Additional charges may apply for extra information or collateral after the initial interview.

Program Manager Leandrea R. Romero-Lucero, Ph. D., LPCC, ACS, CSOTS

Leandrea has been a licensed psychotherapist in New Mexico since 2008 and a supervisor since 2014. Leandrea holds a Master’s in Professional Counseling and a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision. Leandrea holds the Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) credential and the Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist (CSOTS) certification. Areas of clinical focus are family therapy, adolescent counseling, youth with problem sexual behavior, and adult sex offenders.

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