Services For Parents

Family Therapy
Our family therapy program recognizes and addresses the unique challenges parents face when guiding their children through the journey of sexual development. Whether it involves understanding normal sexual growth or dealing with problematic sexual behaviors, our therapists offer a safe and supportive space for families to explore these sensitive topics together. With a collaborative approach, our experienced team works with parents to foster open communication, deepen understanding, and navigate the complexities of sexual development in a healthy and positive manner. Through evidence-informed interventions we strive to strengthen family bonds, create a supportive environment, and empower parents to play a vital role in their children’s sexual well-being. Our Family Therapy services aim to equip families with the knowledge and tools needed to foster a positive and informed approach to sexual health, ensuring a harmonious and nurturing family dynamic throughout this crucial aspect of their children’s growth.

Comprehensive Comunity Support Services (CCSS)
For families that have Medicaid, comprehensive community support services (CCSS) are available to help families with issues surrounding sexual topics. We understand the unique challenges parents face in discussing sensitive matters related to sexuality. Our skilled Community Support Workers have specific state training along with specialized training related to sexual concerns. These CSW’s offer a nurturing and inclusive environment, where parents and children can gain the tools they need for open communication and deeper understanding of what barriers and contributing factors to distress. From age-appropriate sexual education to guidance on appropriate boundaries and consent, our CCSS services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each family. By working collaboratively with parents, we aim to promote a positive and informed approach to sexual health, ensuring a supportive and nurturing environment for children’s healthy sexual development.

We understand that discussing sexuality with children can be challenging and sensitive, which is why our skilled educators create a supportive and non-judgmental space for parents to learn effective communication strategies. We offers psychoeducational services to parents, providing guidance on how to interact with their children concerning age-appropriate information and normalized behaviors regarding sex-related issues and topics. Through evidence-informed, medically accurate and sex positive instruction, parents gain insights into presenting information in a developmentally appropriate manner, promoting healthy attitudes towards sex, and fostering open dialogue. Our psychoeducational services equip parents with the tools they need to navigate these crucial conversations with confidence, ensuring that their children receive accurate and comprehensive information in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Sexual Health Coaching
We provide specialized coaching services that supporting parents in navigating conversations about sex and related topics with their children. Our experienced coaches work one-on-one with parents, tailoring their guidance to meet individual needs and concerns. Through personalized sessions, parents gain the confidence and skills to approach age-appropriate discussions about sexual health, boundaries, and normalized behaviors with their children. Our coaching services focus on fostering a positive and supportive environment for these conversations, empowering parents to become reliable sources of information and support for their children’s sexual development. With our dedicated coaching support, parents can effectively address any challenges that may arise, ensuring that their children receive accurate and nurturing guidance as they grow and learn about their own sexuality. In some cases families with medicaid may qualify for CCSS services to support reducing distress and increase protective factors.