Sex-Positive Therapy For Women

Do you believe that something is wrong with you, your body, your sexuality, your level of desire? If you answered yes to any of these, you are not alone. We would love to simply throw a switch and convince you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you, that you are lovely, capable, and possess the tools required to change your story.  Sadly, it’s rarely that simple.

There is an enormous amount of myth and misconception surrounding sex that has been integrated into our personal beliefs. Regardless of how these stories began, they create barriers between you and healthy sexuality. In a sex-positive environment, examine these barriers and decide to gently move around them, overcome them, or bust right through. On the other side lies a fulfilling sex life.

Sex therapy for women can help address a variety of issues unique to you. Causes of sexual dysfunctions or concerns can be psychological, physical, related to personal relationships, or inherited cultural influences. The most common reasons women seek sex therapy tend to fit into three categories: desire issues, arousal/orgasm Issues, and pain. Below is a brief list of some common sexual concerns of women. It is not exhaustive, and you should still reach out for support even if your concern is not listed below:

  • Low Desire
  • Arousal Concerns
  • Unwanted Pain
  • Erotic Blocks & Inhibitions
  • Poor Body Image
  • Difficulty With Orgasm
  • Low Sexual Self-Confidence
  • Historical/Familial Religious or Cultural Conflicts With Sexuality
  • Relationship Concerns With A Specific Partner

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