Queer Culture For Straight Therapists

Creating Safe Spaces | New Training Date Coming Soon | 3 CEs | $75

This installment of the “Queer Culture for Straight Therapists” online training series delves into the nuances of developing therapeutic environments where LGBTQ+ individuals feel acknowledged, valued, and understood. This session is designed to offer therapists crucial insights into the unique challenges, experiences, and concerns of the LGBTQ+ community, equipping them with the tools to foster trust and openness. The training also sheds light on the cultural, social, and historical contexts that shape the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. By participating in this training, therapists earn three continuing education credits and enhance their competency in offering culturally sensitive care. This knowledge ensures that therapists are better positioned to address the specific mental and emotional needs of their LGBTQ+ clients, fostering stronger therapeutic relationships and more effective outcomes.

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Therapist Lori Ortiz, LPCC
Lori (she/her) is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who specializes in sexual health and wellness. For six years, she has focused on Multisystemic Therapy, a family and community-based program specializing in Problem Sexual Behavior (MST-PSB). Lori’s compassionate approach helps identify strengths and areas for growth, encouraging straightforward steps toward lasting change. She is pursuing certification in sex therapy and provides a safe space for clients to explore their identity and sexuality challenges. Her unique perspective is informed by being a gay woman in a same-sex marriage.

Therapist Vincent Espinoza, LMSW
Vincent (he/they) is a nonbinary, pansexual Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and Licensed Substance Abuse Associate (LSAA) Counselor who specializes in Sex Therapy through a systems-oriented lens. Vincent strongly believes in incorporating all aspects of an individual’s identity in the journey toward healing and self-love. Vincent’s focus is working with members of the LGBTQ+ community, individuals with special sexual interests (including, but not limited to, fetish and kink), couples involved in nontraditional relationships (including, but not limited to, ethical nonmonogamy and polyamory), and adolescents and young adults seeking guidance and support in exploring their emerging gender and sexual identities. Vincent believes in creating a safe therapeutic space free of guilt, judgment, and shame.

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