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Therapist Marylouise Kuti, LMSW, CSOTP
Marylouise Kuti, LMSW, CSOTP, is a licensed therapist with Albuquerque Sex Therapy and the Clinical Assessment Group. Her passion lies in sexual and reproductive health. Beyond the clinical setting, she’s a champion for education and justice, co-founding the #NoTeenShame campaign.

Marylouise prioritizes her clients’ goals, fostering a shame-free environment for open exploration of sexuality and relationships. Her expertise extends to those unfamiliar with sex, guiding them with patience and understanding toward greater self-confidence. Her impact goes beyond the therapy room. Marylouise has extensive experience managing grants for sexual health education and teen pregnancy prevention. She’s a community organizer mobilizing support for sexual justice initiatives and a policy developer with advanced comprehensive sex education at local and state levels. This multifaceted approach allows Marylouise to drive positive change in sexual health and wellness across the country.

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Katherine Spikes, LMFT
Katherine Spikes, an experienced therapist with more than ten years in the field, is pursuing a Doctorate in Family Studies. Her commitment lies in educating caregivers, adolescents, and children about sexual health and appropriate boundaries. Her mission is to minimize harm, nurture healthy identities, and guide individuals in their journey of sexual development. She champions open dialogues within families, stressing the importance of self-expression, grasping consent and boundaries, fostering transparent communication between caregivers and youth, and enhancing understanding of physical and sexual development, gender identity, sexual health, and healthy relationships.

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Jane Epstein, NP
Jane Epstein is a certified nurse practitioner, a Menopause Society provider, and a sexuality counselor. She has thirty-five years of experience talking with teens and adults about sexual health. She has trained students and providers at the University of New Mexico to integrate sexually related questions into clinic visits. Jane helps providers and patients feel empowered and safe as they navigate talking about sex and sexual health.

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Ashley Palmer, RN
Ashley is a registered nurse, sexual health coach, and the director of the Sexual Medicine Program at Clinical Assessment Group. With a background in pediatric nursing and a passion for empowering individuals of all backgrounds to embrace their sexual health, Ashley brings compassion and expertise to her work, dedicated to fostering sexual literacy and wellness for all. Ashley’s compassionate approach and dedication to promoting sexual well-being create a safe space for clients to explore intimate topics with confidence, whether she’s leading workshops, providing one-on-one coaching, or educating caregivers on sexual health topics.

As the director of the Sexual Medicine Program, Ashley leads with innovation and a commitment to inclusive, holistic care. She believes in providing comprehensive education and support to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Driven by a passion for empowering individuals to understand and embrace their sexual health, Ashley has dedicated herself to fostering sexual literacy and wellness for all, leveraging her extensive background in nursing to approach sensitive topics with empathy, understanding, and expertise.

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