Therapist Marylouise Kuti, LMSW, CSOTP

Marylouise (she/her) is deeply committed to a therapeutic approach that aligns with her core values: honoring every individual with dignity and respect. She believes that each person is the expert on their own lived experiences. With specialized training in CBT and DBT, she employs a psychoeducational and solution-focused approach to therapy, always prioritizing her client’s self-determined treatment goals.

Marylouise creates an environment where clients feel free from judgment and shame. She firmly believes that human sexuality and exploration are healthy aspects of the human experience. This conviction drives her specialized focus on sexuality-related concerns and relationship wellness. Operating within a sex-positive framework, Marylouise is LGBTQI+ and kink-friendly.

Marylouise accepts private pay and the following insurances: NM Medicaid, Molina Healthcare of NM, Presbyterian Commercial plans, Presbyterian Centennial Care (Medicaid), True Health NM, Western Sky Community Care & BCBS. Marylouise cannot accept Friday Health Plans or United Healthcare.

Past Projects Include
A movement led by seven young mothers to improve strategic messaging campaigns and conversation around young parenting to a non-stigmatizing and non-shaming approach while highlighting the importance of comprehensive sexuality education.

Otero County Community Health Council (OCCHC) Women of Color (WOC) Sexual Empowerment Series: Episode 4

“How a Scrappy Group of Young Moms Transformed the Way We Think About Teen Pregnancy”

Embodying the Problem: The Persuasive Power of the Teen Mother
Embodying the Problem: The Persuasive Power of the Teen Mother by Jenna Vinson. Published by Rutgers University Press Chapter 4: Resisting Stigmatizing Pregnancy Prevention Initiatives: The #NoTeenShame Campaign.

“Supporting Teen Parents” KUNM Call-In Show

“Creating a Statewide Absence Policy for Expectant and Parenting Students: A Case-Study of Community Based Policy Work” Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship Vol 10, Issue 1, 2017

“A Multi-Generational Approach to Addressing the Education Needs of Expectant and Parenting Youth” Center for the Study of Social Policy

“The Social Stigma of Parenting Young: Impacts on Education and Health” Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (Link no longer available)