Community Support Workers

Devon Palmer, BISI, CSW
Devon is a sexual health coach who provides personalized guidance, education, and support to individuals seeking to enhance their sexual well-being. His approachable demeanor, extensive knowledge, and nonjudgmental attitude create a comfortable space for clients to discuss sensitive topics and make informed decisions. Devon accepts Medicaid for CCSS services.

Marión Carrillo, CSW
Marión Carrillo is a bi/pan and indigenous Master of Social Work graduate student at New Mexico Highlands University. He is well-versed in nonmonogamy, queer relationships, BDSM, and sex work. Marion uses client-centric and trauma-informed modalities and a philosophy of harm reduction to treat clients at any stage in their lives.  Marión accepts Medicaid for CCSS services.

Mallory Patterson, CSW, LADAC
Mallory is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor with four years of experience in the mental health field. With a strong dedication to holistic practices, including a Level II Reiki certification, offering clients a compassionate and empowering approach to exploring their sexuality. She invites individuals to embark on self-discovery and growth in a supportive and professional setting. Mallory accepts Medicaid for CCSS services.